Meet Our Family

From:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jason is the oldest child for his mom and his late father.  He has a younger sister who is married and together they have 3 children; two girls and a boy.  Jason has 1 living grandmother, and quite a few aunts, uncles, and many cousins.

 Christi is the youngest child for her mom and dad.  She has 2 older sisters.  Her oldest sister is married and together they have 4 children; 3 girls and a boy.  Christi has no living grandparents, but has an aunt and uncle and many cousins.

Together, we have 3 Godchildren; our niece, Jason’s cousins son, and the son of 2 of our closest friends.  We are so honored that we were asked by our relatives and close friends to be Godparents to their children.

Also, we have 4 adorable kitties; Ellie, Anya, Chip, and Flynn.  We like to name our pets after cartoon, Pixar, Disney characters.  Ellie is from the movie Ice Age.  Anya is from the movie Anastasia.  Chip is from the movie Beauty and the Beast.  Flynn is from the movie Tangled.  We had lost 2 other cats due to kidney failure and heart failure, but their names were Taz (Tasmanian Devil) and Sully (Monsters Inc.). We had a dog for a short 4 months named Rafiki (The Lion King), but found out we are not dog people.  We’re okay being around dogs, but owning one just wasn’t for us.

 We have so many wonderful close friends who have basically become family to us.  They have been there for us through so many challenges life has thrown at us and have been amazing support during our infertility and now our adopting.

 We cannot leave out our church family.  We have so many supporters from both, our old church and our current church.  We are still somewhat new to our newer church, but those we have met have become good friends.

 As you can see, God has truly blessed us with so many amazing people to have in our lives.  Each of them support us in so many different ways and we know they will be awesome and supportive with any child we bring into our family.


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