Home Study

Many people have asked us, “What is a home study?”  I joke and say, “It’s where you get every aspect of your life investigated and you are left feeling a little violated.”  All jokes aside, I completely understand why agencies conduct home studies.  The children that are being adopted have more than likely been removed from a bad situation, and the agency wants to make sure they are placing the children in a safe environment.

Everything I have read says to “prepare for your interviews with the social worker”.  What are some of the questions they may ask us?  It could range from the following:

  • Why we want to adopt
  • Asking about our marriage/relationship
  • About our finances
  • Our health history
  • Our education
  • Our occupations
  • Our childhood and the environment we grew up in
  • How we handle stressful situations
  • Our parenting style and how we plan on disciplining our children

We’ll more than likely have to fill out paperwork that asks about our employers, financial statements, criminal background checks, etc.  We’ll need to offer personal references of people in our lives that know us best and would recommend us to adopt and become parents.  We’ll have to provide copies of a marriage license, birth certificates, social security numbers, house insurance, car insurance, etc.

Everything varies state-by-state and depends on your agency.  This is a sample break-down of what could be included in a home study, which I found through 1800 Homestudy.




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