National Foster Care Month

In case you didn’t already know, May is National Foster Care Month.  Have you ever looked at the statistics of foster children?  It’s very heartbreaking. This is an image from 2012 that I got from


Here is another image from 2014 that I found at


These statistics are eye-opening and very sad.  Our hope is to adopt older children and quite possibly a sibling group.  We are not adopting in order for us to be “praised” about how selfless we are or giving or whatever.  We are not doing this to look good.  We are passionate about helping children in need.  And of course we want a family.  We do believe we have a lot of love to give to these children and we hope that us showing these children that they are loved and wanted will help change their future.  We can only imagine what they have gone through and what they continue to go through.  We want to help in every way we can.

I currently have my eye on a specific sibling group, but all will depend on our how fast we can fill out a ton of paper work and how our home study goes.  We’ve been reaching out to a couple of agencies gathering information.  I have a list of things that need to be done for the home study and to help speed up the paperwork process.  I have sent the bio of the sibling group I have my eye on to a couple of people, and they have all said how these children would fit in perfectly with us. It seriously couldn’t be a better match for us.  Now, it’s in God’s hands.  He knows our what hearts desire.

If you’re the praying type, please pray for us and our journey that we’re on. It’s honestly a bit scary not knowing what will come of all of this.  We have a couple concerns, which we will share a little later on, but for now we are just holding onto faith that everything will work itself out.


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