Unconfirmed Remission

We’re over a week late on sharing this, but Jason had his 6 month follow-up appointment on May 5th.  His blood work remains exactly where it should be, and he continues to feel perfectly well.  His doctor told us that he is in “unconfirmed remission” based off of his blood work for the past year and half of being on this daily chemo pills treatment.  To confirm his remission, they would have to perform another (his 5th) bone marrow biopsy and a CT scan, but he prefers not to put him through that pain if it’s not necessary.  He wrote us an “Approval to Adopt” letter, stating that he has no issue, from a medical standpoint, to prevent Jason and I to adopt.   He stated that Jason is in unconfirmed complete response – aka, unconfirmed remission.  When we contacted an adoption agency, they said that this letter will be key for us to be approved to adopt, so we should be good to go!

For those that are reading this and do not know the background story.  Back in June 2013, Jason went to the doctor for a routine yearly physical.  His doctor noticed a few things were “off” in his blood work, and sent his blood work to our local Mayo Clinic.  We received a confirmation phone call on June 10th stating that Jason did in fact have cancer.  He was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  CLL is a chronic slow-growing blood cancer. There is currently no cure for CLL but it is very treatable, and folks can live for many years with this form of cancer.  Jason went through 6 months of IV chemotherapy from June 2014 to November 2014.  These six months were extremely scary.  It is never easy watching someone you love go through something like this, but we stood together and fought this battle as a team.  We came out of this situation much closer and much stronger.  Six months after completing treatment, his leukemia became active again.  That’s when he started this new form of treatment, which he continues to be on.  This treatment is to help keep the cancer from becoming active, and he can remain on this treatment for many, many years.

Cancer is a scary word to hear; especially when it’s about you or someone you love.  The good thing about Jason’s cancer is it’s very slow-growing and you can live your whole life with it.  It’s not a death sentence.  He can still be a father, and his oncologist agrees.  We just pray that some day they do find a cure for CLL.

Yay for unconfirmed remission! 🙂


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