Apology to Family and Friends

I’m not sure where to start with this, so bear with me.  I wanted to apologize to the family and friends we have been neglecting this year.  We have been so busy with planning our adoption fundraising event that we really haven’t had much time for anything extra.  We have canceled on events we have been invited to or simply stopped communication.  For me, personally (Christi) this past winter had been very hard on me.  It was the first winter season having my parents be out-of-state.  They became snow-birds, and that affected me big time.  I went into a small depression.  Yes we were able to video chat, but it’s just not the same as actually having them here in the same state as us, only 15mins away.  So when they came back home here I kind of pushed everyone else to the side so I could spend time with them.

Also, I wanted to apologize if we/I  have been annoying through Facebook with all this adoption talk.  You have to understand this is a huge time in our lives so of course we will be talking about it.  We’ve had to watch and listen to all our friends talk about pregnancies and then all the milestones their children have met.  We had to read about the details of your pregnancies and see the ultrasound pictures and what not.  Just like you were/are excited about your child(ren) coming into this world, we are excited for the children that will come into our lives.  It’s just a different process for us.  We don’t get to have the doctor appointments, ultrasound images, feel the baby kick or hiccup, set up a nursery, etc.  Since we plan to adopt older children, we won’t have the first steps, first time crawling, first time sitting up, first ___ (you fill in the blanks).  We are in no way upset with anyone or for the fact we don’t get to experience these things.  We were and continue to be excited for every one of you and we look forward to reading about your children and see all the pictures.  We just wish and hope that you all will join in on our excitement for the journey we are on.  This is very new to us, and there will be plenty of bumps on the road ahead for us.  We are very nervous, scared, worried, etc., but also very excited.  We don’t want to come off as begging for donations or money or whatever, but there is no secret, adoption is expensive and we can honestly use the help.  If you are local and you have free-time and are able to help us sort through things or price things or set up for the event the week before hand, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you’re able to contribute to our bake sale by donating baked goods, that would be amazing, too. Every single bit of help is appreciated.  You have to understand that we are stepping way outside of our comfort zone by even asking for help.  When we get little to no reply it does hurt a little. Over the years we have been there for our friends and family and helped with whatever was needed, no questions asked.  Often times I volunteer us before even considering Jason’s feelings.  (Sorry about that, hun)  As mentioned in a previous post, I am a people pleaser.  I like people to like me, even if it means I wear myself out.

Sorry if this post sounds like I’m complaining or begging for help or whatever.  I just had to share what has been going on in my mind.  I would love for everyone to share in our excitement on this adoption journey, just like we shared excitement for all of our friends/family.  We love you all and we can’t wait for our future children to meet everyone.

So to conclude, a lot of you may not see much of us or hear from us much until our fundraiser event is over.  We are very overwhelmed and have a long road ahead of us.  After the event is finished, we will be attending an orientation for the adoption agency and then will begin taking classes for adoption.  Also mixed in will be house projects and our home study process.  I think it’s safe to say, this year will be crazy busy for us.  In the end it will be very much worth it, though!

Hope to update you all again, soon.  Sorry again!


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