Our Journey

We are Jason and Christi and we are from Wisconsin.  We have been together pretty much since the day we met in October 2002, and we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this past October (2016).  Many things have happened during our years together, both good and bad.  One of our biggest struggles was when we tried to start a family and it just wasn’t happening for us.  We saw an infertility specialist for a year, spending thousands of dollars, but had no success.  Christi went through many tests and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and was told she had other complications that would make it difficult to conceive.  We took a step in faith anyway.  Christi went on different forms of medications, took basal body temperatures, charted everything, used a fertility monitor, ovulation kits, and the list goes on and on.  Still no luck. So instead, we decided to put trying to conceive on hold and joined the gym to focus on our health and fitness.  We signed up with a personal trainer and had great success.  After two months of working with a personal trainer, Christi became pregnant (of course when we weren’t even trying!).  I took a few weeks before she even saw a positive pregnancy test and by the time the test showed positive, Christ was already having complications.  She was put on progesterone to hopefully help save the pregnancy but was told that the chances of this pregnancy sticking was not likely.  A couple weeks later we had our first ultrasound where the tech told us that 2 eggs had actually released…twins.  We were told that the complications from earlier (before the positive test) could have been the  miscarry of our first baby and we were told Christi would then miscarry the second baby (which she did the very next day).  Our hearts were broken into a million pieces.  For once we thought things were going to finally go our way; our prayers were answered.  After this, life kind of tossed us in every direction.  Sparing you the details, we were both faced with a lot of challenges.  We held strong onto our faith that everything would be okay.  Everything happens for a reason, right?  We believe that God has a plan for us, we just have to be patient and allow him to show us his plan.  This is where our new journey begins.


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