Steps Six and Seven – Officially in Adoption Program

If you aren’t caught up, here is where we are at on our adoption process:

We have finished steps 1 through 7 so far.

  1. Attend Information Meeting
  2. Discern about children with special needs and your skills/abilities to meet their needs.
  3. Mail Permanency Resource Family Survey to State Program Office
  4. State Staff – Initially screens for compatibility with Program.
  5. Initial Screen In – Noticed by letter and assigned for In-Person Screening Visit
  6. In-Person Screening Visit with Public Adoptions Staff
  7. Public Adoptions Staff consults with supervisor about visit.
  8. Adoption packet is mailed out.  We complete and return materials.  Can enroll in Public Adoptions education classes with returned application.
  9. Application is assigned to an adoption home study worker.
  10. Adoption worker schedules visit to begin home study.
  11. Licensing Timeline – Varies depending on schedules, visits completed, meeting education requirements, all materials completed and returned to home study worker

Step One – Adoption Information Meeting

Steps Two and Three – Adoption Survey Application

Steps Four and Five – Can’t Believe This is Finally Happening

Right now we are on Step 8.  Last week Tuesday, November 26th, we received a phone call from the lady that did our In-Person Screening Visit, and she told us that her supervisor approved us!  We are officially in the Adoption Program and have been assigned a caseworker (same lady that did our In-Person Screening)!  We just received our Adoption packet and will begin to fill this out and will also receive another visit from our Caseworker to explain how to fill out the second half of the paperwork.  She mentioned that classes will begin in January.  We will have to attend two Public Adoptions education classes (8hrs each).

What have we been doing these days?  Well, I’ve been sick with bronchitis and an ear infection.  The bronchitis has been almost never-ending.  I had it bad for just over 2 weeks and received some meds from the doctor, which definitely helped.  But now I have this lingering cough/phlegm/nasal drainage.  Besides being sick, we’ve been working on decluttering the house still.  Going through and organizing has been a never-ending task.  We are hoping to sell our home and purchase a new (bigger) home within the year, so having everything decluttered and organized will definitely help.

Jason had a dartball tournament this past weekend and his team did very well.  While he was playing darts, I was at home catching up on housework and laundry.  Not a fair, right?! haha

That’s about it, for now.  Until next time!



Getting to Know Jason

Jason is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.  He accepts everyone.  He’s very quiet (unless you get him talking about something he’s interested in), and very shy.  He gets embarrassed easily.  Jason has a heart of gold and is a very easy going person.  He loves children very much, especially our nieces, nephews, Godchildren and friends children.  Jason loves watching videos online of babies laughing hysterically for no reason at all.  Spending time with children, lights up Jason’s mood.  In fact, most children are drawn to Jason and his playful personality.  Often times, children will run up to Jason asking to be picked up to take advantage of his height (standing at 6ft 5in) and Jason will tickle them and laugh when they giggle.  He’s a friendly giant who is so lovable.

Some of his many interest include the following:

  • LEGOs (He has well over 30 sets and has his eyes on many more)
  • Dartball (He has played for over 15 years.  He used to play with his dad through church)
  • Model Car Kits
  • Cars/Airplanes/Trains
  • Sports (Especially Football and NASCAR)
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Fantasy Football
  • Playing Co-Ed Volleyball
  • Road Trips/Scenic Drives
  • Playing Video Games, Board Games, Card Games
  • Music (Especially Metallica and Sevendust)
  • Action and Comedy Movies
  • Favorite Colors are Red and Black
  • He Likes to Read About Random Things (i.e. the weather, different historic events, celebrities, etc.)
  • Watching TV Shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway, Americas Funniest Home Videos, WipeOut, etc.


Wisconsin State Dartball Tournament

From:  Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Jason is still on cloud 9 after this weekend. We spent our weekend up in Green Bay, Wisconsin at our states Dartball Tournament, and what a long and exhausting has it been.  Jason has been playing dartball for well over 15 years and has been playing in our state dartball tournament for 14 years.  This is the first time in 14yrs that his team finally made it to Sunday and they won 2nd place consolation!  Dartball is a huge part of who Jason is. He used to play dartball with his dad at our old church and at a few tournaments throughout the year.  Now dartball is a way for him to be connected with his dad.  Jason lost his dad to pancreatic cancer just over 12 years ago.  He had a very hard time with this loss and has put a lot of his focus on playing dartball since his dad passed.  After a long and tiring weekend, it was awesome to come home with a trophy. Way to go Corner Pub! You guys did a great job!

Now that the dartball season is over, we’re back in “adoption mode”.  We’ll be busy going through and pricing items and also setting up a bank account specifically for adoption.


Until next time! 🙂

We Finally Have Our Kitchen Back

From:  Monday, March 27, 2017

What a busy weekend!  As you may remember from a previous post, our kitchen became a huge mess and basically not usable due to all the donations we have been receiving.  We finally finished taking everything into the basement, just in time to receive even more donations. We decided to do a deep clean of the main floor of our home and it looks awesome. I sat up a play room for our cats (more so for our kitten), and had Jason spend time in there entertaining the cats so they wouldn’t be in the way while I was cleaning.  Cleaning with cats (especially the kitten) can get frustrating.  I’m sure it can be compared to trying to clean with children around.  I clean up all the cat toys/items, the kitten comes and spreads everything out again.  I try to sweep the floors, the kitten decides to lay in my dirt pile. I try to clean the bathroom, the kitten walks around on my freshly cleaned surfaces. There’s a lot of, “no don’t touch that, no don’t eat that, go play with your toys, you’re driving me crazy, etc.” In the end the house did get clean, so that’s a plus.  Maybe it’s just me, but having a clean and organized home is very refreshing.  I like knowing where everything is and having empty surfaces throughout our home.  I absolutely hate clutter, and yes, I know I have to get over this especially when we have children in our home.  Something for me to work on, I guess.  As it turns out, we did not get to finish going through our items to sell and we did not begin pricing any of the donated items yet.

Besides cleaning most of the weekend, we had our friends and their two children come over for dinner and hangout for a little while.  It was entertaining to see how much energy the children have and watching how our friends parent their children.   We have a challenging road ahead of us as far as parenting goes, but I’m honestly very excited for this challenge.

Sunday morning we had a great church service.  We enjoy listening to our pastor preach.  He’s really good at using the Bible and showing how the Bible relates to us in today’s world.  Yesterdays sermon was about “Doubting Thomas”, and about learning to trust in God and stop doubting and fearing things.  We could definitely relate to the fearing things.  Adopting is a huge step for us and we are scared of what lies ahead for us on this journey.  Will we be able to raise enough funds to adopt? Will we be good parents? Is this truly God’s plan for us? Will having children ruin our relationship/friendship with each other? Will we be able to give our children a good life? The list goes on and on.  After church we met with our pastor to kind of talk things over about the rummage/fundraiser and about our fears.  Talking and praying helped ease our minds a little bit and we know we need to focus on praying more about this new adventure.

This week we will continue with sorting/gathering items for the rummage.  This coming weekend we get to have a little get away for Jason’s last dartball tournament for the season.  It should be a fun time hanging out with the rest of the team and also just having some fun time away from home for a couple days.

God’s blessings to you all. Have a great week!