Quick Update

We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately, mainly because we have been very busy. Besides every day life of working and managing the home, we have been busy sorting through all the donated items.  We have been trying to categorize items and box things up so we can make room for the many more … More Quick Update

Lists and More Lists

I am the type of person who enjoys making lists.  I have always been an organized person.  I always had my movies in alphabetical order, books in alphabetical order, etc.  Everything had its place and purpose.  I create lists about basically everything.  I have a sense of satisfaction when I can cross things off my … More Lists and More Lists

Love New Gadgets

We signed up for a squareup.com account.  For those that don’t know what this is, it’s a small gadget you can plug into your smart phone so you can receive payments by credit/debit card (see image below).  I figured this would make it easier for folks to purchase items from our rummage sale and bake … More Love New Gadgets

What a Weekend

From:  Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Jason is still on cloud 9 after this weekend. He has been playing dartball for well over 15 years and has been playing in our state dartball tournament for 14 years.  This is the first time in 14yrs that his team finally made it to Sunday and they won 2nd … More What a Weekend