Trainfest – America’s Largest Operating Model Railroad Show 2017

This is the third year we have attended Trainfest, and I think each year it gets better and better.  Trainfest is held at the Wisconsin Expo Center at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wisconsin.  The first year Jason and I attended this event there weren’t as many activities for kids to get involved.  Since our first time, they have added a kids area where they can press buttons to light up lights or make things move.  They have a few ride-on mini electric trains for parents and kids to ride on.  Our favorite is the display table that has LEGO sets and LEGO trains.  This year they actually had two large displays.  Jason and I joke, but are partially serious, about wanting to set up a train table in our basement and display his LEGO buildings and have train tracks set up and operating around the buildings.  It would be awesome!  Back to our experience at Trainfest… haha  We checked out a few stands that had train sets available for purchase.  A few that we liked were a bit outside our price range, though. This year (and they may have had it in previous years but we never noticed), they had a sheet of paper for kids to fill out as they go around to see all the exhibits.  Kids were able to operate some of the train displays among other things.  Basically everything you can imagine that has to do with trains, is available to be seen or purchased at Trainfest.  They even had an Usborne Books & More stand set up.  I like Usborne Books.  If you haven’t heard of Usborne books, you really should check them out; they have books and other items for kids of all ages. Since we were there with our close friends and their son (our Godson), I decided to purchase a couple of books for him to play with that had to do with trains.

Overall, I like that the planners for this event have found more ways to get kids involved and help them learn more about trains.  I remember telling Jason during the event that in today’s world, with all the electronic gadgets around, I wish more kids would be hands on and creative with their play time.  Kids should build LEGO sets, play with blocks, assemble train tracks or race car tracks in different variations, etc.  We, personally, own a bunch of these type of toys for when our nieces and nephews come over to our house and for our future kiddos.  Jason and I enjoy working with our hands whether it’s us building model car kits, putting LEGO sets together, playing with train sets or race car tracks, putting puzzles together, etc. Hopefully our kiddos will enjoy these things, too.  We hope to pass along our interest in these activities to our kids.

We give this event two thumbs up and we definitely look forwarded to attending again in future years to see what else they add.

Here are a few pictures from our experience.


Getting to Know Jason

Jason is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.  He accepts everyone.  He’s very quiet (unless you get him talking about something he’s interested in), and very shy.  He gets embarrassed easily.  Jason has a heart of gold and is a very easy going person.  He loves children very much, especially our nieces, nephews, Godchildren and friends children.  Jason loves watching videos online of babies laughing hysterically for no reason at all.  Spending time with children, lights up Jason’s mood.  In fact, most children are drawn to Jason and his playful personality.  Often times, children will run up to Jason asking to be picked up to take advantage of his height (standing at 6ft 5in) and Jason will tickle them and laugh when they giggle.  He’s a friendly giant who is so lovable.

Some of his many interest include the following:

  • LEGOs (He has well over 30 sets and has his eyes on many more)
  • Dartball (He has played for over 15 years.  He used to play with his dad through church)
  • Model Car Kits
  • Cars/Airplanes/Trains
  • Sports (Especially Football and NASCAR)
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Fantasy Football
  • Playing Co-Ed Volleyball
  • Road Trips/Scenic Drives
  • Playing Video Games, Board Games, Card Games
  • Music (Especially Metallica and Sevendust)
  • Action and Comedy Movies
  • Favorite Colors are Red and Black
  • He Likes to Read About Random Things (i.e. the weather, different historic events, celebrities, etc.)
  • Watching TV Shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway, Americas Funniest Home Videos, WipeOut, etc.


So Many Children in the World


Not sure if you know, but there is a website online where you can view the profile of children that are available for adoption called  There are pages upon pages of children that are looking for a loving and forever home; it’s a bit heartbreaking.  All these children want is to have parents who will care for them and keep them safe. I check this website randomly to see who is added or who has been removed (I’m assuming they have been adopted, so hooray for them!).  I seriously cannot help but to fall in love with all these children! I wish I had unlimited funds and a home large enough to adopt every single one of them. I know that sounds a tad bit crazy, but my heart turns to mush and full of so much compassion seeing all these children.  Reading each child’s profile and questioning if they could “fit in” with us and our lifestyle.  While reading every single profile, I smile when I find a child that would be perfect for us.  The simple mention of LEGOs, and I imagine Jason building LEGO sets with the children.  Or when the profile mentions the children want a home with cats; I smile because we have four kitties that these children can love on.  I am reminded by a Bible verse, Matthew 19:14, “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Even though I know we cannot give all these children a home, I know that they are in God’s hands.  Jesus has his arms around these children. I truly believe that there are children out there that would absolutely perfect for us.  I cannot wait for the chaotic household, where we are chasing after our children, telling them to get their homework done, to clean up their rooms, to stop picking on each other, to eat their food, to do their chores, etc.  I’m sure I will complain and change my tone once we are in those situations, but for now, I look forward to those days.  I also look forward to the cuddles, the sweet hugs, and comforting them if they get an owwie or are simply having a bad day.

On Saturday, we spent a couple of hours with our friends and their four children enjoying lunch and walking around the mall.  Children are children and of course will act out, but I loved how great our friends are with parenting.  They know how to handle their children in a calm matter and tend to know exactly what their children need (at least that’s how it looks to me).  I couldn’t help but smile while watching different situations that would arise; imagining how Jason and I would handle those situations.  I’m very grateful that we have plenty of friends and relatives with children around us, and that we will have plenty of opportunities to ask for advice from them.

As for the rest of our weekend…not much fun took place. We took care of things around the house such as mowing the lawn, laundry, tidying up, and then we did our weekly grocery shopping trip. We live such exciting lives! Haha It was nice to take a break from planning for our fundraising event, and just have some quiet down time before our lives get insanely busy the next couple months.  It was getting to the point where I would wake up from my sleep with anxiety about everything that needs to get done.  Whew! Just need to take a deep breath and breathe.

Until next time. xoxo