Feeling Accomplished

It’s been awhile since we have written a blog post, but honestly, we have been swamped.  Every single day we have been sorting and pricing items.  We have boxes upon boxes of stuff everywhere.  For a good while, we didn’t have much of a kitchen or living room to even use.  We had my parents over this past weekend for Father’s Day and sadly we didn’t even have a surface to set our food down on.  My goal for the past couple weeks was to at least finish sorting and pricing all the donations that we had on the main floor of our home, and last night, we met this goal!  What a relief!  Now we have to find a place to put all the boxes! haha  This is what our hallway and living room currently looks like.  This pile of boxes doesn’t look like much in the pictures but it’s seriously a lot of stuff. It’s only a tiny fraction of what we still have left to go through. As you can see, the cats are liking the “climbing obstacles” that we have set up for them, and the fact that we have our coffe table back.


Our next task is to move down into the basement and start sorting and pricing items down there.  Eventually we will be moving into the garage and continue this exciting task.  Once we get into the garage, I’ll be happy to share a picture of the adventure that is ahead of us.
Besides all this sorting and pricing, we have been busy with many other things.  We printed and folded 150 copies of a letter we wrote to our friends/family.  Then had to stuff and seal the envelopes, make the mailing labels, buy stamps, etc. This past Sunday, we shared an addition 200 copies of these letters with our church family, which meant going to church early to stuff all the mailboxes for the members.

Also, we have been purchasing items we will need for the event and trying to get things situated and planned for what we will need and how things will be set up.  We handed over the task of planning quantities of foods/drinks to my dad, and he has been working with Four Men and a Grill (the folks we have preparing the food for the event), to get this part of the event taken care of.  Our kitchen and extra freezer looks like we are starting to open up our own restaurant or something.  All the cases of bottled waters, sodas, packs of brats, hot dogs, etc.  It’s starting to turn into an obstacle course of trying to figure out how to walk around our house. Watch out for the boxes, random items, soda/water, and don’t forget our random 4 cats that like to run around our feet.

Life has been beyond chaotic the past few months and the next 2-1/2 weeks will get even more chaotic, but I keep trying to remind myself that in the end it will all be worth it.  All this hard work will pay off when we officially bring our children home and have our family complete!  Honestly, the end result is one of the few things that keeps me pushing on.  I am a very stubborn and determined individual.  I love challenges and I will work my tushy off until I achieve my goals.  I may be tired and cranky the next few weeks (poor Jason haha), but soon I’ll be back to my fun and bubbly self again.  Watch out world, Christi has a goal to achieve!

Speaking of goals, this year I set a goal (with Jason) to pay off a few debts we’ve had sitting around… mainly my gazillion school loans from my two degrees.  Last year I paid down 1 of my 7 loans, and just this past weekend I paid down my 2nd loan!  What an amazing feeling that was for me once I clicked “submit payment” online.  My goal is to have 2 more school loans among other things paid off by the end of this year! I cannot wait.  I am one of those weird people who actually enjoys paying bills.  I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing we have the funds to pay our bills and being able to “check off” those bills from my spread sheet every month.  Jason and I are very fortunate that we have our jobs and can rely on our paychecks.

Okay, I think that’s enough blabbing for today.  We’ll be back soon with more updates, so stay tuned!


A Weekend from Our Weekend

Ever have such a busy but productive weekend that when you wake up Monday morning to get ready for work, you feel exhausted and wish you could have another weekend?  That’s basically the type of weekend we had.

Friday was the first night of our co-ed volleyball.  Jason and I have been playing co-ed sand volleyball with our friends since the summer of 2007.  It’s a great opportunity for us to hangout with our friends at least once a week and catch up with life.  I will admit, though, that I do not look forward to the first couple weeks of volleyball due to the fact it’s usually cold and the sand is freezing.  We definitely don’t play our best, not only because of the cold, but also because it’s been several months since the last season ended so we’re a bit rusty.  For being the first week of the season, we did end up winning 1 of our 3 games! So that’s not too bad!

Saturday was our busy and exhausting day.  I was able to have a girls breakfast with a close friend and then another friend joined us to hangout and watch a documentary with us.  It was so nice to be able to reconnect and talk about the topic of the documentary (the connection of abortion and breast cancer at http://hushfilm.com/).  After this get together, Jason and I picked up the Uhaul we rented and headed on over to a local church that was generous enough to donate a ton of items to our fundraiser/rummage sale.  This church hosted a rummage sale of their own and decided to donate anything that did not sell to our rummage sale.  We were able to fill up a 10-foot Uhaul, a trailer, and a truck.  We thank this church very much and also thank my coworker and her husband for donating their time to help us move all these items!  We were able to do all this moving in 2-1/2 hours, literally right before we got hammered with a ton of rain.  Jason’s legs throbbed and my arms killed.  We worked muscles we didn’t know we had! haha  We were a bit too tired and lazy to make dinner, so we stopped over to my best friends parents restaurant for some delicious Chinese food.  It was great being able to start the day with friends and end the day with more friends.

We’ve been down to one vehicle since our second vehicle’s battery died.  A few weeks ago we stopped by a neighbor’s house up the street since we noticed he and his dad are always working on cars, and we asked if he would be willing to check out our car to see what needed fixing.  He was nice enough to stop by this past Sunday to check things out.  He changed the battery and a couple other things and now we have a running vehicle!  Jason’s been smiling ever since. haha He’s been missing his “baby” and cannot wait to drive the car around.  But first, we have to fix a flat tire, fill up the other tires, take the car in for admissions test, get an oil change, and eventually fix a couple other issues on the car.  Our neighbor did an incredible job and said he’d come back to fix the other issues that need to be fixed.

After the car was up and running, we had to run over to a friend’s place to pick up a few more donations.  Again, working muscles we didn’t know we had. haha

We are so beyond thankful for everyone’s generosity.  I have been so anxious about this long to-do list, but it’s so great that everything is kind of falling into place and slowly getting checked off our list.

Speaking of generosity.  Those that follow us on Facebook, already know this story, but I wanted to share with everyone else.  Friday after work we pulled into our driveway and we noticed this very large box sitting on our friend patio.  Jason and I looked at each other saying, “I didn’t order anything. Did you?”.  I ran out of the car and checked the box.  Sure enough, it had my name on the box.  Still having no clue what it was and who it was from, I dragged the box inside.  Again, checking the label for a name, still my name but no other name on the box.  Opened the box to find another box.  Nope, no other name beside mine still.  Open the next box and I see a box for Instant Pot!  I have been wanting an Instant Pot for the longest time.  I am one of those weirdos that actually sits through the whole infomercial for this product with my mouth wide open in “wow” mode. haha  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this link (http://instantpot.com/). Seriously, it’s amazing! Well, after sitting there checking out the box and trying to figure out who sent this to us, a light went off in my head.  I had an idea of who our mystery gift giver was.  I quickly messaged her on Facebook explaining how I figured out it was her.  Waiting patiently for her response, going through previous conversations.  Finally my phone notification goes off with a response of “Yes”.  A perfect stranger who I met while searching for vendors for our Fundraising event and recently became friends with over Facebook, decided to surprise us with this gift.  She said she was debating about giving a money donation on our fundraising page or giving us this gift.  She decided with this gift and said we can use it to make our future family some yummy and quick meals.  We thank this new friend so much for this very generous gift!  It was a huge surprise, and I cannot wait to start using this Instant Pot!


All in all, I would say it was a very successful and productive weekend.  Now we look forward to the week to come. 🙂