The Adventure with Cats and the Vet

If you're a cat owner, you may relate to what I'm about to share. I don't know about your cats, but our cats absolutely hate going to the vet.  Between meowing for the full trip, hissing, clawing/pawing at the cage, and peeing on themselves, it's just a royal pain to take them for their vaccinations. ... Continue Reading →


Us As a Couple

Jason and I met in October 2002 through mutual friends.  We hungout for a little while and ended up going bowling.  I joke about how Jason was not interested in me, because he barely said a word to me, and I spent most of the night talking to one of his good guy friends.  You... Continue Reading →

Meet Our Family

From:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Jason is the oldest child for his mom and his late father.  He has a younger sister who is married and together they have 3 children; two girls and a boy.  Jason has 1 living grandmother, and quite a few aunts, uncles, and many cousins.  Christi is the youngest child for her mom... Continue Reading →

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