Us As a Couple

Jason and I met in October 2002 through mutual friends.  We hungout for a little while and ended up going bowling.  I joke about how Jason was not interested in me, because he barely said a word to me, and I spent most of the night talking to one of his good guy friends.  You see, Jason is just a very shy person, especially around someone of the opposite gender.  He’s gotten better over the years. Haha.  A couple of weeks later, Jason messaged me on AOL Instant Messenger (remember that old tool? haha).  We chatted about everything for quite a few weeks.  Eventually he called me and asked if I’d like to drive around with him and look at Christmas lights.  I, of course, said yes!  We had the best time together.  We spent the whole time talking and getting to know each other better.  Jason officially asked me out New Years 2002/2003.  It came as a surprise, because I already figured we were boyfriend/girlfriend due to the fact we had already been going on dates.  Jason proposed to me a year later on New Years 2003/2004, and we later married in October 2006.  We’re coming up on 15 years from when we met, which is so crazy to us.  We have come a long way from our 17 and 21-year-old selves, to the grown adults we are today.  We have worked at our full-time jobs for over 11 years each, we’ve owned our first home for 10 years now, I earned two college degrees, we have adopted many pets, we have traveled to several places, and so much more. We are best friends.  We participate in so many activities together and we support each other to take part in our own interests.  We are comfortable in our own space and having our alone time, but also encourage each other to have our girl or guy time as needed.  We communicate about basically everything, and have very similar views on worldly topics.  Jason and I are comfortable enough to be silly around each other and just have a great time.  We have tickle fights, and many of our pictures involves at least one of us sharing a silly facial expression.  We are an amazing team.  Obviously we are not always sunshine and rainbows.  We can drive each other nuts sometimes and we have our arguments, but our negative time doesn’t usually last too long before once of us apologizes.  With all that said, we are excited for the adventures that are waiting for us in the next few chapters in our “Book of Love”.

Here are a few pictures of us from the past few years.  Eventually I’ll share some pictures from the early years of when we first started dating.  (Once I dig them out, of course) haha


Feeling Accomplished

It’s been awhile since we have written a blog post, but honestly, we have been swamped.  Every single day we have been sorting and pricing items.  We have boxes upon boxes of stuff everywhere.  For a good while, we didn’t have much of a kitchen or living room to even use.  We had my parents over this past weekend for Father’s Day and sadly we didn’t even have a surface to set our food down on.  My goal for the past couple weeks was to at least finish sorting and pricing all the donations that we had on the main floor of our home, and last night, we met this goal!  What a relief!  Now we have to find a place to put all the boxes! haha  This is what our hallway and living room currently looks like.  This pile of boxes doesn’t look like much in the pictures but it’s seriously a lot of stuff. It’s only a tiny fraction of what we still have left to go through. As you can see, the cats are liking the “climbing obstacles” that we have set up for them, and the fact that we have our coffe table back.


Our next task is to move down into the basement and start sorting and pricing items down there.  Eventually we will be moving into the garage and continue this exciting task.  Once we get into the garage, I’ll be happy to share a picture of the adventure that is ahead of us.
Besides all this sorting and pricing, we have been busy with many other things.  We printed and folded 150 copies of a letter we wrote to our friends/family.  Then had to stuff and seal the envelopes, make the mailing labels, buy stamps, etc. This past Sunday, we shared an addition 200 copies of these letters with our church family, which meant going to church early to stuff all the mailboxes for the members.

Also, we have been purchasing items we will need for the event and trying to get things situated and planned for what we will need and how things will be set up.  We handed over the task of planning quantities of foods/drinks to my dad, and he has been working with Four Men and a Grill (the folks we have preparing the food for the event), to get this part of the event taken care of.  Our kitchen and extra freezer looks like we are starting to open up our own restaurant or something.  All the cases of bottled waters, sodas, packs of brats, hot dogs, etc.  It’s starting to turn into an obstacle course of trying to figure out how to walk around our house. Watch out for the boxes, random items, soda/water, and don’t forget our random 4 cats that like to run around our feet.

Life has been beyond chaotic the past few months and the next 2-1/2 weeks will get even more chaotic, but I keep trying to remind myself that in the end it will all be worth it.  All this hard work will pay off when we officially bring our children home and have our family complete!  Honestly, the end result is one of the few things that keeps me pushing on.  I am a very stubborn and determined individual.  I love challenges and I will work my tushy off until I achieve my goals.  I may be tired and cranky the next few weeks (poor Jason haha), but soon I’ll be back to my fun and bubbly self again.  Watch out world, Christi has a goal to achieve!

Speaking of goals, this year I set a goal (with Jason) to pay off a few debts we’ve had sitting around… mainly my gazillion school loans from my two degrees.  Last year I paid down 1 of my 7 loans, and just this past weekend I paid down my 2nd loan!  What an amazing feeling that was for me once I clicked “submit payment” online.  My goal is to have 2 more school loans among other things paid off by the end of this year! I cannot wait.  I am one of those weird people who actually enjoys paying bills.  I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing we have the funds to pay our bills and being able to “check off” those bills from my spread sheet every month.  Jason and I are very fortunate that we have our jobs and can rely on our paychecks.

Okay, I think that’s enough blabbing for today.  We’ll be back soon with more updates, so stay tuned!

Meet Our Family

From:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jason is the oldest child for his mom and his late father.  He has a younger sister who is married and together they have 3 children; two girls and a boy.  Jason has 1 living grandmother, and quite a few aunts, uncles, and many cousins.

 Christi is the youngest child for her mom and dad.  She has 2 older sisters.  Her oldest sister is married and together they have 4 children; 3 girls and a boy.  Christi has no living grandparents, but has an aunt and uncle and many cousins.

Together, we have 3 Godchildren; our niece, Jason’s cousins son, and the son of 2 of our closest friends.  We are so honored that we were asked by our relatives and close friends to be Godparents to their children.

Also, we have 4 adorable kitties; Ellie, Anya, Chip, and Flynn.  We like to name our pets after cartoon, Pixar, Disney characters.  Ellie is from the movie Ice Age.  Anya is from the movie Anastasia.  Chip is from the movie Beauty and the Beast.  Flynn is from the movie Tangled.  We had lost 2 other cats due to kidney failure and heart failure, but their names were Taz (Tasmanian Devil) and Sully (Monsters Inc.). We had a dog for a short 4 months named Rafiki (The Lion King), but found out we are not dog people.  We’re okay being around dogs, but owning one just wasn’t for us.

 We have so many wonderful close friends who have basically become family to us.  They have been there for us through so many challenges life has thrown at us and have been amazing support during our infertility and now our adopting.

 We cannot leave out our church family.  We have so many supporters from both, our old church and our current church.  We are still somewhat new to our newer church, but those we have met have become good friends.

 As you can see, God has truly blessed us with so many amazing people to have in our lives.  Each of them support us in so many different ways and we know they will be awesome and supportive with any child we bring into our family.

We Finally Have Our Kitchen Back

From:  Monday, March 27, 2017

What a busy weekend!  As you may remember from a previous post, our kitchen became a huge mess and basically not usable due to all the donations we have been receiving.  We finally finished taking everything into the basement, just in time to receive even more donations. We decided to do a deep clean of the main floor of our home and it looks awesome. I sat up a play room for our cats (more so for our kitten), and had Jason spend time in there entertaining the cats so they wouldn’t be in the way while I was cleaning.  Cleaning with cats (especially the kitten) can get frustrating.  I’m sure it can be compared to trying to clean with children around.  I clean up all the cat toys/items, the kitten comes and spreads everything out again.  I try to sweep the floors, the kitten decides to lay in my dirt pile. I try to clean the bathroom, the kitten walks around on my freshly cleaned surfaces. There’s a lot of, “no don’t touch that, no don’t eat that, go play with your toys, you’re driving me crazy, etc.” In the end the house did get clean, so that’s a plus.  Maybe it’s just me, but having a clean and organized home is very refreshing.  I like knowing where everything is and having empty surfaces throughout our home.  I absolutely hate clutter, and yes, I know I have to get over this especially when we have children in our home.  Something for me to work on, I guess.  As it turns out, we did not get to finish going through our items to sell and we did not begin pricing any of the donated items yet.

Besides cleaning most of the weekend, we had our friends and their two children come over for dinner and hangout for a little while.  It was entertaining to see how much energy the children have and watching how our friends parent their children.   We have a challenging road ahead of us as far as parenting goes, but I’m honestly very excited for this challenge.

Sunday morning we had a great church service.  We enjoy listening to our pastor preach.  He’s really good at using the Bible and showing how the Bible relates to us in today’s world.  Yesterdays sermon was about “Doubting Thomas”, and about learning to trust in God and stop doubting and fearing things.  We could definitely relate to the fearing things.  Adopting is a huge step for us and we are scared of what lies ahead for us on this journey.  Will we be able to raise enough funds to adopt? Will we be good parents? Is this truly God’s plan for us? Will having children ruin our relationship/friendship with each other? Will we be able to give our children a good life? The list goes on and on.  After church we met with our pastor to kind of talk things over about the rummage/fundraiser and about our fears.  Talking and praying helped ease our minds a little bit and we know we need to focus on praying more about this new adventure.

This week we will continue with sorting/gathering items for the rummage.  This coming weekend we get to have a little get away for Jason’s last dartball tournament for the season.  It should be a fun time hanging out with the rest of the team and also just having some fun time away from home for a couple days.

God’s blessings to you all. Have a great week!