And It All Piles Up…

Ever have one of those days or even weeks where you have dishes piling up, a bathroom to be cleaned, floors to be swept and washed, dusting to be done, laundry to wash and put away, etc. but have no motivation to do anything about it all?  Life just kind of takes over and by the time you get home from work or running your errands, you just want to relax.  Ugh, that’s what we’ve been going through.  Jason’s been working overtime most weekends and he plays dartball 2 times, sometimes 3 times, a week.  I guess that means he has a bit of an excuse for not getting house work done. haha  As for me, I have been under the weather for the past couple weeks and now that I’m feeling better, I simply have no motivation.

In general, I’ve always been an early to bed and early to rise type of person. I usually like to catch up with my housework and prep meals in the early hours so that after work dinner is ready and the house is presentable.  Lately, I just don’t have the energy or motivation.  I see all of what needs to get done, and try to do something about it but then lose interest.  This is pretty unusual for me since I’m usually a “Type A” person and like things perfectly perfect.  Then the nights that Jason is actually home, I like to spend time with him.  Can’t blame me for that, right? haha

Well, guess what is planned for this weekend?!  Jason is working overtime both Saturday and Sunday, and I get to catch up with housework.  After the house is presentable, I get to start going through stuff in our basement and downsizing some more.  Now that we have a closer deadline to work towards, with our meeting with the adoption rep and all, it gives me a bit of motivation to get house projects done and clear out the house more.  Maybe if I am really ambitious I can FINALLY finish texturing and painting our kitchen and stairwell area walls.

A few years ago we started big house projects.  I’m talking about a new roof, new driveway, tore out our finished basement due to water damage from the old driveway, new glass block windows in the basement, removed all the carpeting from the main floor to expose the wood floors, completely gut and remodeled our bathroom, new kitchen sink, repainted all the walls on the main floor (besides the kitchen), painted about half of our basement walls (still have to finish the rest), chimney completely torn down and rebuilt, etc.  I can’t remember everything right now, but we’ve been doing a lot of stuff.  We still have a decent size list of things that still need to be done.  Let’s not forget the items that need to be complete before our homestudy process begins so we get to be approved faster (i.e. install a bunch more smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, etc.).  We’re hoping to check a few more things off our list before some kiddos come into our home.  I feel like there is always something to be done when you own a home.  Now I just have to get myself moving! And yes, Jason does help out, too.  Who said being an adult would be fun? haha

Can you relate with the never-ending list of things to be done?  Are your homes always perfectly clean and ready for company?



Light at the End of the Tunnel

From:  Thursday, April 13, 2017

We’ve been having a lot going on the past few weeks.  I met up with a friend of ours who is helping us plan our fundraising event.  We have a lot of great ideas, and talking about everything is pretty exciting.  We were put on hold on further planning due to waiting on available dates from the church for us to host this event.  Luckily we just received these dates and can not move forward. This is awesome news for us. We will be meeting with a bank tomorrow to set up an account for the adoption.  Once the account is set up, we can order credit card readers for the fundraising event to help make things easier.  Oh, and to top things off, we reached out to an adoption agency last week! We are anxious to move forward; there is so much to be done.  This is becoming more real, now!

Work has been busy for both of us.  I had a huge deadline at work this week and Jason was asked to work 10hr days.  Yay for overtime pay!  We’ve been in the process of paying down some of our debt, plus of course, saving for our adoption, so every penny from overtime helps.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it has been nice having items being checked off our “to do” list.  We still have so much more to do, but I think we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are following Holy Week this week, so things may be a bit quiet around here until after Easter. We have church services tonight (Thursday), tomorrow for Good Friday, and again on Sunday for Easter.  Happy Easter to you all!

One Week Down, Many Weeks to Go

From: Friday, March 24, 2017

Last week was a big week for us. We decided to officially announce to our friends and family our plans to adopt and start a family of our own. We were surprised by all the positive feedback, prayers and offers to help us in any way we may need.

Jason and I have decided to host a fundraising/rummage sale event this summer to hopefully help raise some funds for our adoption.  It is so crazy how expensive adoption is, but we are very determined to follow through with this new adventure.  I have been busy spending my time looking up individuals that run their own small businesses (i.e. Scentsy, Tupperware, Norwex, etc.), asking for either a raffle donation basket and/or for them to set up a table and fundraise that way.  Also, we plan to have a 50-50 raffle and a bake sale.  We even asked our nieces if they would like to set up a lemonade stand and offered for them to keep half the profit. Figured this could be a good learning experience for them, too. Needless to say, but this should hopefully be a big event.  We are so lucky that a friend of ours has offered to help us with the planning process.

We have already been blessed with donations from Christi’s boss and a few of our friends.  This is a small example of the donations we have received, and actually a lot has been donated even after this picture was taken.  I had the fun job last night of carrying all these bags and boxes down the stairs into our basement so it will be easier for us to start pricing the items. I had to have gone up and down the stairs at least 25 times, if not more.  After so many trips, my legs were throbbing so I called it a day and stuffed the remaining items into our kitchen.  Haha Guess what I get to continue doing this weekend. You guessed it; continue moving the rest of the bags down into the basement.

Another thing we asked our friends/family was to have folks write letter of recommendations for us so we are ready for when we meet with an agency.  It has been wonderful reading the kind words everyone has to say.  We are overwhelmed with all the love and support we have been receiving, and we’re only a week in on this journey!

I talked to our pastor last week about the possibility of us using our churches gymnasium for our fundraiser/rummage sale.  He said he would bring it up in the next meeting and let me know.  We received great news that we have received the approval!  What a relief. Our pastor said that he has to talk to a couple more people and then get back to us about available dates.  Now we just need to set a date and continue with the planning.

Our weekend will be filled with lots of pricing of the items we have received already.  Plus, continuing to go through our own personal items to create piles of things we can sell.  Honestly it is so freeing going through our entire home decluttering and re-organizing. I highly recommend everyone to do this throughout the year.

I guess that’s all the updates I have for today. Have a great weekend everyone!